American Saffron Tea and Slippery Elm Bark Powder Kit

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American Saffron Tea and Slippery Elm Bark Powder Kit Description

This kit is a great way to help you get started with your psoriasis-free lifestyle. We put this kit together with your health in mind. The convenience of this kit will save you time and money. Psoriasis is not just a cosmetic problem. Affecting an estimated 3 percent of the world’s population according to the National Psoriasis Foundation, psoriasis is far more reaching and severe than most people who suffer from it are aware. In fact, 60 percent of people with psoriasis find it to be a large problem in their daily lives. Edgar Cayce explained psoriasis as an internal eliminations disease where the walls in the upper intestinal tract are ‘thinned’ causing substances to ‘leak’ out into the blood and lymphatic systems. American Saffron’s Latin name is ‘Carthamus tinctorius.’ It is also known as ‘Dyers’ Saffron’ or ‘False Saffron.’ Contains whole flower stamens. This product was recommended by Edgar Cayce as a digestive and intestinal cleansing aid. His quote is as follows: ‘Make a tea from the American Saffron; a teaspoonful to a pint of water, let steep as tea or in a crock, and so that the water simmers but not boils too much. This would be strained, and it may be taken two to three times a day, a good big swallow, or a small jigger of the solution.’ CAUTION: American Saffron is a member of the Asteraceae botanical family, which also includes daisy, ragweed, canola, chamomile and other common allergens. People with known allergies to these plants are at a higher risk of having an allergy to American Saffron. If you are taking daily medications or are pregnant or nursing consult a physician before use. Slippery Elm Bark powder helps sore digestive tracts feel better. Slippery Elm Bark powder is especially useful as it can be taken internally, directly placed in water as an elm water drink or tea, made into an extract, or used externally as a poultice. Our powder is 100% Pure and free of any excipients, preservatives or additives.

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