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Melisana Klosterfrau Melissengeist 235ml tonic by Klosterfrau

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Melisana Klosterfrau Melissengeist 235ml tonic by Klosterfrau Description

Klosterfrau`s flagship product, this tonic based on 13 natural herbs has a firm place in almost every German household.Internal use: Effective against nervousness, states of tension and excitement, anxiety, difficulties in falling asleep, headaches, sensitivity to changing weather, non-organic heart ailments, painful menstrual cramps and during menopause, stomach-intestinal ailments like indigestion, fullness, no appetite. Alleviates symptoms of a cold or flu.Topical use: Painful nerves, pains after muscular exertion, lumbago, gingivitis, indisposition and exhaustion.Cautions: Medication contains 79% alcohol by volume. Patients receiving the medication in the recommended dosage receive up 9.4 g. of alcohol in each 3 tablespoons. Medication should not be given in cases of liver disease nor to pregnant women or children. The presence of alcohol in the preparation, may reduce or exaggerate the effect of other medications. Reaction times in street traffic or in using machinery may be slowed.

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