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Stratamed Advanced Film-Forming Wound Dressing 20g / 0.7oz

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Stratamed Advanced Film-Forming Wound Dressing 20g / 0.7oz Description

Gel, modern dressing for the treatment of wounds and prophylaxis of abnormal scars. What is Stratamed? Stratamed is a certified medical device manufactured in Switzerland and authorized for the treatment of wounds and prophylaxis from the early stages of abnormal scars. It is the only sterile silicone product authorized for direct application to freshly sutured or open wounds, minimizing the risk of developing pathological scars resulting from cutaneous trauma. Mechanism of action After drying, Stratamed forms a flexible, air-permeable and water-resistant bandage that protects the wound from bacterial contamination and creates optimum conditions for wound healing more quickly. Maintains optimal hydration in the depth of cutaneous tissue and significantly reduces specific symptoms such as pain, burning and pruritus, favoring faster reepitalization and forming a normal new tissue uniformly with the surrounding. Stratamed prevents abnormal deposits of collagen fibers and reduces inflammation, preventing the formation of pathological scars of the hypertrophic and keloid type. Benefits Over 100 clinical trials demonstrating effectiveness in abnormal scar prophylaxis. Prevents wound complications such as delayed infection or reepitheliation, factors that favor abnormal scarring. Ensures the formation of new normal tissue and prevents the formation of abnormal scars since the first deposition of collagen fibers. Increases patient comfort and reduces pain, pruritus and burning sensation. He does not adhere to the wound bed, allowing the formation of new tissue. It does not require daily change or hygiene. It is waterproof, it is possible to clean the area without the risk of removal of the dressing. A very good tolerability profile can also be used for patients with sensitive skin or small children. Safety and during pregnancy or lactation.

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