Wet Call Bed Pad Bedwetting Alarm

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Wet Call Bed Pad Bedwetting Alarm Description

Why Use NiteTrain-R® Alarms? Continuous awakening by the alarm as soon as urine is detected will gradually train the brain to develop automatic control over the bladder. Overtime, the child will either be able to sleep through the night without having to empty their bladder or will be able to wake up on their own to go to the bathroom. NiteTrain-R® sensor pads have multiple sensor points to sound the alarm and train the brain. Helps Build the Child’s Self Esteem- not lower it Studies have proven that children who wet the bed have lower than average self-esteem. Those children that become dry at night have shown significant self-esteem improvement. NiteTrain-R® Product Information Wet Call® Bed Pad is 18.5” wide by 24” long to cover the central area of the bed. Dual Volume Control alarm has the choice of loud sound designed for the hard to wake sleeper or softer sound designed for easy to wake sleeper. Each Wet Call® bed pad bedwetting alarm system includes 1 sensor pad, 2 mesh covers and a dual volume control alarm box. Doctor recommended and clinically proven to stop bedwetting without medication.

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